Hilly Enough terrain for plan?

Hey folks, recently bought the hilly gravel plan, and after I applied it to my calendar I took a look at some of the rides. I notice that some of the simulation rides ask for 5000 or 7500ft of climbing, and another asks for 90 min. This is possible here, but it basically means riding hill repeats. We have one “mountain” (just a hill) that peaks out at around 500’ and the longest route up it would be 10-15min.

All that to ask, should I:

  • just FtFP and hit the numbers
  • simply keep everything the same, but scale the climbing targets down a bit,
  • as the fine folks at Fascat to switch the hilly plan for the flat one ?


also…why do some people’s names show "training plan customers’ and others don’t. It probably doesn’t matter, just curious :slight_smile:

The hilly plans has climbing simulation workouts because it is under the impression you will be doing a hilly gravel event with lots of climbing. You do not have to hit the exact numbers of feet of climbing. Basically just take your hilliest route. Maybe even doing multiple loops that would include the biggest climb you have. Don’t just do repeats but maybe do it early on, in the middle and the end of the workout.

Also on your hill simulation workouts you could just do climbing efforts throughout the workout. So instead of riding at a steady hard pace through the entire ride you could mix in some intervals 8 - 20 minutes of tempo, sweet spot or even threshold between hard zone 2 / 3 pace as if you were doing climbs. Really just want to mimic the demands of a race you have coming up. Look at a profile chart of previous races and also search out previous Strava files to see how long climbs take and mimic it in your training.

You don’t need to switch from the hilly to the flat as it is fairly similar. And you can still use that one climb to get some great hill climb efforts that are in the plan.

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