Hill climb plan

Hello, what plan should i choose for 9-mile hill climb (2500 vert)?

Sounds like that will take you longer than 15 minutes so that one for sure!

Hi, Frank - I don’t see a specific one noted in your reply - can you please provide the specific plan for a 9mile hill climb time trial for (2500ft vert)? thank you.

Oh - I thought you were referring to our hill climbing interval plan:

It has intervals designed for climbs > than 15 minutes!

Got it - thanks Frank!

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Hello - I just completed “Threshold: Field Test Openers 2 x 3 minutes” today with my Polar Vantage V watch. I have it synched to move the data to Training Peaks but it’s not bringing in all the data (HR, TSS, IF and none of the premium charts, etc). I tried to manually upload the file but that’s not working either. Can you please help?