Hot weather DNF

I recently aimed to compete a 6 day (800km) tour but due to the extremely hot waether I did not compete the first day. It probably did not help that about 800m of climbing occurred in the last 40km.
Other than signing up for a hill climbing course (which I have done) any ideas to combat very hot weather.

One mention I found here via search:

This is a general search with a variety of search results.

Poke around and you can find a range of protocols, but it is very possible to improve your tolerance for hot events with roughly 2 weeks of proper heat training.

Hi Mike - heat acclimatization occurs when you are out training. The key is that you are training in a place that is HOT. If not then strategies must be adapted like how to simulate the heat.

Where do you train/live? Where were you racing? How hot was it where you 6 day tour was?

In Colorado we used to put our trainers in the sauna for early season races in hot places like SoCal and the Gila (south New Mexico). For the Tour of Malaysia in January this was super important coming from winter in CO to 90’s with humidity in Malaysia.

The sauna is pretty extreme but you can simulate hot conditions indoors without a fan or in a hot garage or inside without said fan and the windows closed in direct sunlight. Lots of creative ways. Its start with where you live/train and where you were racing and the temperature differential (my questions above^^)

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