Picking a Training Plan

from athlete Paul:

I am a master (58 year old ) crit racer in southern California and I am turning my focus the remained of the season to towards climbing and a few gran fondo’s ( working on my climbing ( long climbs 10 plus ) . I know I will have to start wining in the kitchen ( working on getting to 8 percent body fat) but I am not sure which work out plan to start with /purchase? I was looking at 6 week climbing and or raising ftp… would appreciate your thought .

Also had a question regarding training in warm weather … I have noticed that as the temperature approaches or exceeds 80 degrees my heat rate increases on a three hour zone endurance (zone 2 ) ride if I base it on heart rate my power drops 10 percent or more in the heat leading to the question should I base the ride on HR or Power … looking forward to getting started on the new challenge for the summer and fall.

Appreciate you input

Hi Paul - Sweet Spot then our hill climbing intervals plan.

For example sweet spot 3 to build up a better ‘base’ and then the threshold climbing work from our hill climbing plan

As far as the 2nd part of your question, simply #FtFP by your powermeter and you will get faster. Once you purchase a plan you’ll be given access to a part of this forum where you can receive coaching support if you ask a question.

Hope that helps and good luck with your training!