Here’s to the small wins!

I know that this is mostly a Q&A type forum, but I know sometimes a little celebration is ok too!

I’ve added SS1 to my training peaks more times than I can count, but have been afraid of the field test so I’ve used estimated FTPs from various places, 20min bests, and ramp test and I have NEVER made it through the first sweet spot workout (3x8).

Well this week I bit the bullet and did the test and tested about 25 watts higher than I had been getting as the estimate…AND made it through the 3x8 and todays z2 ride—sore but alive. I know its only 3 days, but it is a HUGE win for me! Sometimes the small things can be pretty big!

Let’s share some of our big and small ‘wins’ as we get ready to say goodbye to another year!

Happy Holidays Everyone.


Good stuff & that also builds confidence & positivity toward future workouts :facepunch: :muscle:


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…and then I come to today’s workout (week 1 ss ride) and have to do 115tss in 1.5 hours… :nauseated_face:

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A winning in the kitchen breakfast, some coffee and a good breakfast and go for it!

Not sure where you live but 115TSS outdoors will come easier outdoors than it will indoors.

Either way get after it!

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I’m in Canada—if you know of any snow plows that attack to the front of a bike….:snowman_with_snow:


I did the same session this week - it was tough but i more or less made it through. I can feel it today though!

Good luck with the training plan!

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