Help calculating FTP from race

I did a gravel race this last Saturday and I’m looking for some help to determine if I need to bump my FTP. Current FTP is 270 set in November. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

20 minute - 259W/309NP - HR 169avg/180max
30 minute - 250W/274NP - HR 171avg/181max
60 minute - 245W/288NP - HR 167avg/180max
90 minute - 239W/283NP - HR 167avg/181max
120 minute - 237W/277NP - HR 167avg/181max
180 minute - 230W/279NP - HR 164avg/181max

Awesome smash watts. Without being able to analyze the file directly I’d say your FTP is at least 275 - 288watts. What’s interesting is that your 60 min power is greater than your 30 minute power.

I bet you’ve seen this but you can also manually analyze only the duration which you were going as hard as you could and use that per our training tip here:

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I have watched that a few times but it’s been awhile, will watch again. 2 weeks left of the resistance training but it’s looking like some awesome gains to the FTP.

Thanks for the help!

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