Determine FTP with hour race normalized power

Hi FasCat coaches,

I just did a race that took one hour to ride. My normalized power was right at 250 watts and my IF was 1.00 since I have my FTP set to 250.
The race really felt like I gave it 90-95% effort. With this effort level do you think my FTP is set too low? I’m thinking maybe I should bump up my FTP by 5% or so. What do you all think?


Likely need more info. What was the actual power profile for the event?

  • More steady state is preferred generally speaking, while very sharp and peaky power is less useful in this case, AFAIK.

Its possible but what I do is flag the ride and stay on the lookout for full gas data (100%) in the future that will be a better indication.

Additionally you may look at the 20 & 30 minute data from this race - what those peaks were in relation to your 60 minute data and were those efforts full gas. if so you may be able to sleuth your new and improved FTP out. But if not would caution against.

I am assuming you’ve listened to our using normalized power to measure FTP improvement podcast


Thanks Frank. I’ll have a look at the podcast.

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