5 wks in to 16 wk SS training

Hey gang. I’m 5 weeks into my 16 wk intermediate SS training program. Enjoying everything thoroughly so far. I have noticed improvements in my power output and needed some input on adjusting my FTP moving forward. I think the best example that I have is from yesterday. 2.5 hour “group ride” with 4x15 minute efforts. The average power over those efforts was approximately 220 watts. My starting FTP was 218 watts. Should I consider bumping my FTP to 230? I believe that is within my wheelhouse for 20 minutes.


Awesome @rykerbodo - this is what we like to hear!

It is entirely possible and the inspiration behind this podcast and video:

A word of caution - your 20 minute power is not your FTP. It may be used to help you sleuth out your FTP but only if you were going as hard as you could have which is rare except from a field test.

Regardless, you are improving - keep #FtFP’ing!

Hey Frank, thanks! Listened to the podcast episode…exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for the insights. Ready to keep crushing it.

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