Believe it or not, Somewhere in this country we are racing. Using Normalized power to set FTP from race

Sorry to all those that have not been able to race this year. We had our first Gravel Race up here in AK. 36 mile race, 2,000 ft elevation. Winning time of 1:51 and I came in at 2:13. Overall I was happy with my first gravel race and had a blast out there!

Im trying to use some power numbers for this race to start a new training plan and adjust my FTP if needed. Here are some details.

Overall time 2:13
NP for the entire race was 263
NP for the first 60 min was 283
NP for the first 20 min was 301
NP from 40-60 minutes section was 277
NP from 80-100 minutes at the end of the race was 254
NP from the last 20 min was 237

I went out very hard trying to keep the wheels of faster groups. Slowly faded away and the last hour was mostly solo riding with the exception for a few riders here and there.

Training peaks gave me a new FTP of 254. Does this sound about right?

Thanks for all the great information and keep FTFP!!

So by the power of deduction you can use this value and the definition of FTP to get very close to what your FTP is a la this podcast and training tip