Podcast Review & Unbound XL simulation rides

Frank (and Jackson),

I absolutely love the FasCat pod and the knowledge you offer on your website. Top shelf my man! Your talent in explaining the often complex athletic training and physiology science behind how those of us in our mid-50s can excel is priceless. Question: I will be taking on Unbound XL this year. I have completed five DK200s (one on a single speed) and other long distance endurance events, but nothing near 350 miles. Your 18 week Sweet Spot and Gravel plans rock and will have me at a 90 to 95-ish CTL two weeks out for the start of my taper. I have achieved a 90-100 CTL in previous years and never had a problem completing the DK200 (although the DK200 on a single speed was a whole different animal altogether). My dilemma is I have heard mixed messages on long distance training/simulation rides. Your plans have one day simulation rides and several weekends with back to back 3 to 4-ish hour rides. My previous coach was an advocate of 4-ish hour endurance rides three to four days in a row to prep for a 200-ish mile races. Is this enough for 350+ mile gravel events? My friend’s coach was prescribing his athletes do one training/simulation ride that is approximately 3/4th the distance about a month out. I can’t help worrying that a 260 mile (18+ hour) simulation ride is going to trash my mid-50s body for a week or more afterwards and stagnate my training in the month prior to race day. Which do you recommend? And why? Also any training techniques or advice on tackling 300+ mile mixed surface races would be huge. I don’t want to hold back my early 60s adventure brother in arms (Keith Buesher) back on race day and night and day again…and night again (?).

Thank you again for your virtual coaching and your outstanding training plans!


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Thanks @chuckcoderko !

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As for you long ride question - see our training tips on gravel simulation rides and watch our video on Dirty Kanza (Unbound) Training:

I don’t think you should do a 200m training ride or anything greater than that. I do think you should progressively increase your long Saturday rides and work you way up to a 5-6-7 ride 3-4 weeks out from the event date. Concentrate on the fundamentals of building a strong aerobic base as that’s what more important for the XL (not doing a 260m ride in training - save those for the real deal - event day)

Hope that helps - thanks again for the positive words!