Glute Activation Exercises

TLDR: Recommend some glute activation and strengthening exercises.

Long story long.
Last year I started suffering from a pain in my right hip. As we had no racing I decided to take time off the bike and see if it was anything to do with it. No joy. So I tried to get some medical help, which turned into a scary adventure. Turns out I have a family history of ankylosing spondylitis which crippled my fathers hips in his early forties. Due to the pandemic progress is slow but I have been x-rayed, mri’d, poked, prodded and drained of blood. My last visit to a spinal specialist was the most positive as he is a cyclist himself and saw me as a cyclist not just a patient. He is not so sure about any long term anti-inflammatory conditions based on all the results but did comment that I do have a week right glute which if I could get working more efficiently will ease the pain while riding. His exact words were to smash the glute exercises!

Not sure if there is a question in here, but when we say on the podcast, ‘they are watts in your butt’ we are talking about activating your glutes and getting this big muscle group involved in the power production of your pedal stroke.

To do that our plans have on Mondays & Friday the REVO band exercises, the hydrant and the skate - super good for your glutes.

In the off season - squats, kettlebells and the ViPR movements really fire the glutes:

I recommend incorporating these per your docs rec " smash the glute exercisies"


Thanks @FRANK. I have been doing the banded exercises and still lifting every week. Don’t think ViPR tubes are available in the Uk.

Did not know if there are any other little tricks I can try. Clenching my cheeks whilst sitting there with the other half is getting some strange looks :peach:

Here’s a good Glute exercise:

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