Adding to the Resistance Training Plan

I’m into week 2 of the plan and was wondering your thoughts about adding hip abduction and hip adduction to the plan? I added this work last week manly because my new gym offers these machines PLUS it really hits the muscles I try to use on the bike. Coupled with the Foundation work these should be beneficial but thought I should ask your opinion before adding it to the full 10 weeks. If you think it will help, structure the hip work into the plan within the four current phases?

As long as it doesn’t take away from squats, leg press and leg curls go for it!

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You could also try this hip thrust which would be a much better workout.

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@kip.temple - this is part #FtFP because those two exercises you mention will do nothing for your cycling. The biomechanics of weight lifting for cycling dictate the these exercise must be multi-joint specific. Ankles, knees, & hips just like a pedal stroke.

Like Coach @Jake mentions a “hip thrust” is LEGIT but it is super advanced so much so that we don’t include it in our weight lifting program. Here is proper hip thrust - bar over your waist from the floor:

I recommend concentrating on your Squats, Leg Press and Leg Curl and that’s all you need to do. Just wait till you get to the Hypertrophy Phase - and you will be begging for less and not even thinking one iota about extra exercises :muscle:

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Thanks for your input Frank and the link. This is year two for me for this plan, so I know what’s coming!

Hi Frank and Team,
I have added hip thrusts to the resistance plan, the video was a lot of help and very instructive. I have the time to get it accomplished and for now the motivation to do it. My question is, are they constructed the same as squats/leg press/leg curls with the 4 phases or is there another build method? The video also mentions several variations of the movement also. What are your suggestions for adding this exercise?

Getting near the end of the strength plan and wanted to provide a little feedback. As I stated above, I added the hip thrusts to the plan. I posed over the links and think I performed the exercise correctly. This addition really seemed to provide some noticeable gain in core stability and added power to the initial sprint during the MTI’s. At least that’s what I’m feeling. Oh, and per my wife Buns of Steel are an added benefit! Maybe an advanced plan could add this exercise.

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