Power recoding from TP to Garmin

When I load my training plan to Garmin 820 it shows my power every 3 second . I like to change it to every 10 seconds . I am not sure the set up is Garmin or TP ?

It is your Garmin. You can have your Garmin show power for multiple time ranges.

When you set up a data field you can have it show Power, Power 10s, Power 30s or Power 3s. You must have yours set to Power 3s as opposed to just power.

Go to settings > Activity profiles > profile. Select Data screen. Choose one the one you want to change.

Thank you . You are correct my data screen is set correctly 10 second that is when I do the normal training . If I do a training from my calendar where is

This is not the data screen I created . Garmin creates this screen which is great with limits etc . But it shows power in 3sec . How do I change this screen to be 10 second ?
My custom screens do have 10second .

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From my understanding there is no way to customized the Training Page on the Garmin. You are not alone in being annoyed by this.

The best thing for you to do is create your own workout profile where you can customized the screen to see what you would like. Power, power target of interval, time of interval to go and etc.