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I vaguely recall on a Fascat podcast a mention of some advice on setting up your head unit data screens. I’ve tried a few searches on the forum and on the Fascat site but can’t seem to find anything? Was it just a suggested podcast topic or am I missing something? Have power and heart rate data and racing the medium range gravel events and rides.

Chris (Father) O’Leary

I’ll just let you know what I like.

Time, Power, heart rate, cadence, speed, distance. Honestly this is watch as I race. But other things that I recommend for those doing longer gravel events being on a second screen or to be aware of maybe TSS, average norm power, average heart rate or intensity factor. This way you know how hard you are going out and if you may need to dial back so you don’t go too hard. Medium range gravel you can go pretty hard for so maybe not as big of concern.

Some gravel events you may actually need the turn by turn on so you would have to have the map. UWIth my Garmin I can only have two things and I would use distance (so I know how far I have gone or got to go and power) However don’t over look heart rate as that can be a great indication of how hard the effort is since power can fluctuate so much. This is why one screen with average norm power / intensity factor would be a good thing to have.

I’m sure others have ideas as well what they like.


Great stuff thanks Jake

The first screen is what I have up for non-workout rides, like Saturday sweet spot freestyles with a TSS target or AMEX rides. The middle part puts up a running power line graph, it’s flat and grey in the screenshot because I wasn’t actually riding at the time but it fills in with the traditional color representing the zone you were in at the moment so you can quickly glance at how hard you’ve been going.



#2 for when a workout is running, the middle section shows the target range with a 3sec average, and the bottom one zooms into the interval currently working on and overlays a power line so you can see how evenly you’re pacing against the target power, kind of like the TrainerRoad workout screen in realtime. Time to go is for the current interval/lap and elapsed is so I know when half of the workout is done and it’s time to turn around and head back.


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Nice Chad. Thanks a lot for the screen shots it brings the text to life. Chris