What is on your cycling computer screen?


I am curious as to what settings people have on their computer screens. Especially, the lap screen. Do you view 1 sec power, 3 second power? NP? HR? Time?

Ed K

Outside first, inside second with the standard workout screen used for inside more often. Depending on the workout I may drop HR for something else so I don’t play mind games with myself thinking “I can’t do more” when I really can.

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When a workout is loaded on my Edge 530:

Custom Interval Workout Page

During recovery or zone2 intervals I’ll tweak things around. The one above I’ve used on sprintervals where near the end of say a 15-sec all-out interval I’ll glance down to see max power I hit. On other workouts I might be focused on raising average cadence, so during the warmup I’ll spend 10-20 seconds to change the lower left Max Lap Power to Lap Cadence.

If no workout is loaded I like using something like this:

Custom No Workout Loaded

At the top that gives me:

  • 10sec power
  • lap power (because I manually use the lap button)
  • 1sec power + average power + max power

I’ve used that on longer 3-5 hour aerobic endurance rides to stay in zone 2.

Normalized power isn’t really valid below 10-20 minutes, so I only use that post-workout and a ‘metrics’ screen:


Not a very interesting screenshot, it was a warmup before lifting. Yes I live in flatland, at sea level, and its hot. But we usually have a wicked headwind that offers some of the best ‘climbs’ out my door :rofl: Don’t judge :joy:

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I don’t have a screenshot but my goto main screen is:

Watts (real time)
Heart Rate
Training Stress Score

on a second screen for intervals I’ll view during the interval
real time power (1 second)
Lap Power Average
Lap duration
real time heart rate

then on a third screen is what I call the ‘fun screen’ for distance, average speed, elevation, feet climbed

I have 3 screens on mine

Main Screen :
Power (real time)
Heart rate

Lap screen (watch while doing intervals)
Lap time
Power (real time)
Heart Rate
Lap Distance

Average power
Average Norm Power
Last Lap average Power
Average heart rate
Elevation gain

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Thanks for all this information. I am curious as to why some choose 3s watts vs straight watts. Is there an advantage/disadvantage or just personal preference?

Ed K

For those of us who aren’t pro-level pedalers it helps you not chase constant adjustments based on that 1-sec target. In first year with a power meter I was shocked how jittery my power line was after coming from the kickr and (what I know now to be) smooooooothing. It’s gotten better with a couple years of practice but I still use smoothed numbers to monitor my pacing. Real-time power isn’t that useful to me outside super short intervals like full vo2 that doesn’t just say “full gas”, and 3 sec usefulness is also pretty limited outside <1min intervals. Having 3-10-30 on screen helps me with pacing during an interval, I try to have them be as close to each other as possible.

On most rides I am usually looking at the map screen with 3/10 sec power as appropriate for the workout and another field also relevant to the workout, be it hr zone or tss counter.

For non-structured rides long enough to worry about nutrition I’ll use these 4 fields including calories, otherwise I rely on ding alerts if exceeding zone 3 on these rides:

On ftfp/structured workouts with intervals I’ll usually use the first of these two and rely on the workout alert popups to remind me what the target range is, I might swap out HR for 3-sec power if appropriate, with the goal being to keep these various duration power averages equal to each other during an interval to ensure even pacing. Rarely use the 2nd only if doing more complicated intervals where the workout graph would be useful:

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I tried switching from 3sec to 1 sec watts for my FTP test on Tuesday and it was miserable. I still had my average on the screen but seeng the watts changing constantly drove me crazy. I will never do that again. I will keep 3s, avg, Np avg, lap time, avg hr for my intervals



10sec average is even better :wink:


If no workout is loaded I like using something like this:

Custom No Workout Loaded

Nice! @bsquared Care to share what you used to get that middle graph and the power numbers in box 3?

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Believe it is found at:
Graphical > Power

@FRANK that wasn’t an option on your Strava question last night, but that’s basically what I use along with the default workout screen (ask if you want me to post it).

Can you let me know what the field name is for the target with the colored bar? I didn’t realize that could be used outside the dedicated “workout” screen!


Workout > Target

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Good post. I’ll have to play with my screens more on my 1000. This may be a stupid question, but I haven’t done a workout yet on my 1000. For the lap times, are you all hitting a button after every interval change or does it automatically do it based off the workout? I’m sure I’ll find out on my first outdoor ride, but figured I’d ask to be ready!

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If you are following a programmed workout, it laps automatically.

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Last night this was on TrainingPeaks:


therefore this was on my Garmin when I hit the road:

Narrow Target Threshold

Yes, to FTFP I was suppose to hit 283-286W outside for 4 minutes. You say “that’s not even possible on a trainer” and well, that’s true, at least if you turn off Erg mode power smoothing on your Kickr. And so it got me to thinking…

I figure that @FRANK puts a monthly item on the calendar for the Monday morning call with all the FasCat coaches. After everyone high fives coach @ZachGregg on the savage number of miles he rode last week, the topic turns to the award for best Steady Eddy FTFP. And that’s what makes me want to be the horse that coach @Isaiah submits for that $5 Ozo Coffee gift card that Frank hands out. So I gave it my best shot:

I wanted to ride some rollers, but I went back to the pancake flats just for you Coach Isaiah, enjoy the coffee!



Ohh yeah! Nailing some FTP work that steady is awesome. Now you’ve got a great template for how every effort should look. If yo can do it once, you can make a habit out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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