TSS Rides and Garmin Edge

Due to start Sweet Spot 4 on Monday and weekend rides are based on TSS. Question is how to monitor TSS during ride. Article by Frank says Simple and easy to manage rides, simply set up real time TSS to display on your bike’s computer and start riding
I have Garmin Edge 820 and cannot find anything in manual about TSS as a data field. Would appreciate if anyone knows how to set this up.
If it cannot be set on this model my question is how can I monitor /estimate TSS during a ride and what are implications of finishing a ride over or under the targeted TSS.

So under data fields if you go to “Power” under power is TSS. That is where it is located with the Garmin 820. Make sure that your FTP in your Garmin reflects what is in TrainingPeaks so you can get an accurate TSS while out riding.

Settings > Activity Profile > Profile > Data Screens > Select Screen > Click the box you want it in > Power > Power - TSS (almost at the bottom so keep scrolling)

I did find that however there is no reading during a ride. I assume it is because I have no power meter on the bike. Although TP allocates a heart rate TSS to a ride without a power meter it looks like Garmin does not. Did a 3 and a half hour ride yesterday nothing appeared in the TSS screen and TP allocated a TSS of 166 but no way to track it during ride

Ahh. Yeah I don’t believe the Garmin will allocate a heart rate TSS. That is something TrainingPeaks will do. A zone 2 ride is typically 45 TSS per hour. If you float around zone 2/3 it can be as much as 50-55 TSS per hour.

If you are doing sweet spot efforts in that time you can get in 60-65 TSS per hour.

This should help you know how much you are doing in a particular ride.

It does look like you can get a Garmin IQ app that does give you heart rate TSS. So that is also an option.

Yes: powermeter required for real time TSS rides. Annnnnnnd you can get one for under $400 at ExcelSport BEFORE your team FasCat discount


Thanks for the help. I will go with around 45-50 TSS per hour for the moment

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