FTP Testing Between Plans

I’ve chatted with the coaches here at FasCat and got my training plans laid out for the BWR. I’ll be doing Intermediate SST-1, then Intermediate SST-2, then the Gravel plan. When I end one plan, there is an FTP test. When I start the next plan after an “off” week, there is another FTP test (built into the plan).

My questions are:

  1. What does the “off” week in between the plans look like as far as riding (if any)?
  2. Do two FTP tests need to be done within a week of each other due to the off week?

Thanks, Coach(es)!

Don’t take a week off when you finish the plans. Just copy the previous regeneration week from the plan. Week 4 typically. So you can just put week 4 in week 7 and start sweet spot 2 in week 8. Then similar between sweet spot 2 and gravel plan.

You can do the first FTP test to begin Sweet Spot 1. Then for the second scheduled FTP test just do a sweet spot workout such as 2 x 20 minutes at sweet spot and rest 10 minutes between. You can complete the FTP test to start he gravel plan. If nothing else this is just a great 20 minute training effort. But there is no reason to over test.


I just had this very scenario and glad I searched the forum and found your response @Jake .

I did just purchase a new Stages PM so although I tested last week I am tempted to do another so I account for any differences between the old and new PM.

same here. so glad someone asked this question and so good that you can “fill in the blanks” with what you already have. I will post up a question about the in between days and weeks as well. but this is great! thanks both dennyrowe iii and Jake