FTP Test in Rouvy & Lefthand Canyon

I’ve read many of the posts here about testing & I’ve done indoor & outdoor tests. I’d like to try something new & would appreciate your thoughts & advice.

I found your Fascat FTP Test Strava segment on Rouvy, though it starts at Olde Stage Road & ends in Ward. I’ll use as much of the lower section of the segment as needed for the test. My thought is to ride the segment with my PC controlling my smart trainer. Extra motivation for a good test. I’ll use my Garmin with the FTP workout connected only to the Stages power meter on my bike.

I’m wanting to use this convoluted method because Rouvy files with intervals don’t seem to transfer into Training Peaks. I’ll do a easy test run on Monday & test on Tuesday.


20 minutes as hard as you can go can be performed in a variety of scenarios - has nothing to do with Rouvy or which course you select, etc…

Here is a tried n true indoor field test training tip:

Avoid anything that prevents you from going full gas for 1,200 seconds


My bad. I should have directed my question to Rouvy. I got things sorted out after reviewing a few Rouvy videos on YouTube.

I’ll tell you what, it was motivational to ride your FasCat Strava segment up Left Hand. And it’s a super convenient & repeatable test, things that you’ve stressed many times in the forum, in your training tips & on your podcasts.

Thanks for the testing tips & especially the Strava segment tip.

Happy trails.