Ramp test or 20 minutes ftp test

Quick question is it better to perform a 20 minute ftp test or a ramp test.

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The 20 minute Field Test. Test outdoors - more realistic. Ramp tests are for the lab (which you don’t race in)

Give our podcast on field tests a listen too + read the training tip we include with your plan (so technically #FtFP :wink:


Thanks for the quick response I’ll have a listen to the podcast.

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Hi, I have the same question but I only have a power meter on my trainer. I train with heart rate outside…at least for now. I also do the bulk of my mid week workouts on the trainer before work. It’s winter so unfortunately I spend a lot of time on the trainer until the snow is gone. I hate the 20 minute test and I’m wondering if the RAMP test will work for what I need to do on the trainer this winter and early spring?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you are gearing up for an INDOOR Field Test - while not our 1st choice it will establish your zones and serve as a point to measure future improvement.

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I have a similar question along these lines. Last week I did an all out 20min climb effort at 239w for 20min. (95% = FTP of 227, in line with what I have been training with last 4 weeks).

I did an indoor 20min field test on the trainer to officially start my plan last night and did 227w (95% = 216w, a little lower than what I’ve been training with).

I believe you usually lean towards the outdoor but didn’t want to choose wrong and overtax my system just to chase a larger number.

What do you recommend here?

Many thanks.

2 different power meters? There probably are reading differently thus you have to throw one out

Indoor power will be lower than outdoor. We see this a lot. Back in the day when we had a building we had indoor trainer classes and we would see on average a 5% drop in indoor power compared to outdoor.

So I would recommend you just use your outdoor power. Technically you could switch back and forth between the two, depending on if you are indoors or outdoors, but simplify things and use your outdoor power. Most power zones have a wide range so know that indoor you maybe riding at the lower end of the zone. Use your heart rate and perceived exertion as a guide as well as power.

Thanks, Jake. I’ll start with the outdoor FTP number and back off if needed. Funny, your math is dead on, the indoor 216 is 5% less than the outdoor 227.

Thanks, Frank. Same power meter, it’s just that one effort was outdoor on a steady climb whereas the training plan field test was indoor on my trainer.

Hi there im currently doing your 32 week sweetspot base high volume plan but wanted to know when to schedule either a 20min ftp test or ramp test, for example would i do theseat the end of a regeneration week? Would be great if these were added into the plan’s

I’m currently doing my week day sessions on the trainer as is winter in the uk.

Thanks Paul

Hi @paul.miller - there our two 20 minute field tests prescribed on your plan. Look ahead for when those are and plan on them -

Read our training tip for more explanation (its in the day of your test too)

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Hi Frank

Thank you for your reply iv found the next test at the end of the plan, would you advise doing another one in the middle due to the 32 week length of the plan? Just want to make sure im working with the correct numbers over the duration.

Thanks Paul

@paul.miller there is also a Field test/FTP test on tuesday in week 21 of the advanced 32 week off season plan.

Thank you i must of missed this in the plan


What about using the FTP from Xert for Field Test results?

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I would still FtFP your plan bc doing the 20 minute test is also good training AND then you’ll have two pieces of data


Hi Coaches @Jake @FRANK I usually does my training indoor during weekdays and I ride outdoor on the weekend. I use the vector PM only and ST for the resistance purposes. Anyway If I done my workout most of the time indoor do you still suggest doing the FTP test outside? Thank you

I am curious on this too. Outdoor FTP and doing intervals indoor with numbers based on the outpost seems like it would make the intervals pretty tough?

Also is it still suggested to do during the winter?