FTP Testing with a 20 minute Field Test

Hello FasCats - for those of us that are new here, FTP testing is a crucial part to your training.

Read and watch this training tip and let us know if you have any q’s here!

Hello! I have a question on how to salvage a “failed” test.

Did my first ever field test a few weeks ago (at the start of SS1). As I had no idea how though the 20min would be, I started out too easy. I also started my last push way too late. This resulted in a big spike in the end.

The average power for the 20min was 203w so this would have given me an FTP of 193w.

Would it have been a better idea to calculate the FTP from my Normalized Power (212w) or do the test over again?

Thank you for the help and great products!

Hey @jarkko.puustinen I responded to you in TP, but just wanted to respond here too as it may help someone else.

You do not want to use NP from your 20 min test (NP is not a good metric for shorter efforts). That being said you can use NP from a 60 min effort to get a good idea of whether your current FTP is accurate. If NP > FTP then your FTP is likely higher than you have it set at.

It just so happened that you set a new 60 min power on the 14th that showed a NP of 216w. So until your next planned FTP test, use that number :wink:


Thank you Lacey for the help!

SS1 plan has worked well so can’t wait for the next FTP test :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome… Keep turning those workouts green!! :white_check_mark::muscle:t3:

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