Training Peaks - power zones

Hopefully this makes sense without including a picture from TP since I can’t right this second. I just did a workout that had 30 secs intervals at about 170% ftp. I noticed when I went into TP and clicked on the “analyze” tab in the workout, under the “power by zones” the last zone TP calculates or shows is about 150% of my ftp. So any work I do, like tabatas, it’s not showing how much time I spend in those zones like strava does.

I then went into my account settings and under all of the zones, the highest wattage it keeps track of is 444 watts which is about 150-160% of my FTP. I then saw there was a drop down menu with a list of different “methods” for power but I don’t want to mess with anything and have it mess up my fitness/form numbers.

I’m partially curious why TP isn’t showing the time I spend at 170-200% ftp but also if that is having any impact on my TSS #'s/form #'s going into races, etc.


You will have to manually fix your training zones. Here is a great article we have on how to set your Training Zones in TrainingPeaks.

You will have to add sweet spot manually and than just make sure the highest zone goes up to 2000. Even though you will never hit 2000 at least all your peak power numbers will be included. This way you will see all the power you do that is anaerobic and above 160% of your FTP.

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Thanks jake - does the lack of all the zones now impact any of my TSS or form numbers? I’m guessing it doesn’t, I just don’t have access to how often I’m in the z6/z7 zones.

No it will not affect any of that. It just didn’t have a bin to put it in the graph. It’s still calculated in the training.

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