HR an Power , cadence questions

  1. Week 3 of On/off season training. I do most workouts on trainer (Peloton). I’ve completed my FTP test (10pt improvement over last time) and have my zones setup. During my workouts I am able to hold my sweet spot intervals well below threshold HR. For example: My threshold HR is 161 (i’m 47 y/o) and when doing SSI at 261w the HR is 140’s and I don’t fell all that stressed. I could produce more. Furthermore, during tempo my HR is really low, 130’s. FTP 284. I’m under my TSS recommendation consistently because I am only able to transfer HR to training peaks which gives me hrTSS due to lame proprietary BS from Peloton. FTFP? probably

  2. During Muscle Tension is the recovery period between intervals at normal cadence of 85-95 or do i continue the low cadence but at the lower output?

  3. last question: Is there a benefit to Zone 2/endurance workouts using variable cadence or should I just hang out where I am comfortable (90ish per minute)?

thanks. You guys rock.

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Hey Michael!

So make sure your threshold heart rate is set correctly in TrainingPeaks. You can have it set up based on Threshold heart rate as opposed to max heart rate. This may help correct the heart rate TSS you are getting in TrainingPeaks.

Between muscle tension intervals you should return to your natural cadence. Ideally this is over 80 rpm.

Since you are doing muscle tension work and soon will be doing sprint work there is no need to vary your cadence through your workout. You are getting in your strength workout with the lower cadence on strength days. On zone 2 days you are working on your aerobic engine so the best way to do this is by selecting your normal cadence. Too low of a cadence and you are fatiguing your muscles more than needed which you don’t want to do on an endurance ride.

Keep up the good work!