FTP fascat sheet

Why can’t I input my numbers on the zone sheet?
I did my ftp test two days ago and I’m trying figure out how to input my numbers

You have to open the file. Go to bottom to open download. Slide to right to three dots for more options. Open with numbers. Click on box where you enter Threshold and that should do it.

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Sweet thanks for that!
One more thing, how do I determine my input?
I know it’s normalized power minus 5% , how do youfigure that out? image|545x500

Look for your peak 20 minute actual power average. Then multiple that number by .95.

I have a question about my FTP test. So I dont think I did it correctly. When I performed the test for the 20 min effort, it keept me at 245 watts. I thought it was a high effort but I can keep 250 watts for a fairly amount time and it didnt seem difficult at all. and the reason I know this is because when I input my numbers on training peaks for the account settings zones, I input 214 threshold value and the zones watt look too low.
sorry, I’m new to this and I would like some guidance.

We offer help with power data analysis with 2 services if you want:

If you used erg mode on your trainer it will keep you at a particular power setting based on the FTP that is set up.

Don’t use erg mode to complete a power test. It needs to be full gas and you go as hard as you can so you don’t get held back. It should feel really difficult and like you can’t pedal once you complete it.

You might want to redo the test this week on Tuesday. If you held back that much its a good chance that you did more of a sweet spot effort last week. But again hard to say without looking into which we do with our coaching.

I’m sorry, erg mode on my trainer? I’m using a garmin along with a spin bike equipped with a power meter

Where can I turn off erg mode?

So on my 1030 here’s what I do to use resistance.

  1. Training>Indoor Trainer>Follow a Workout>“name of workout”>Ride

Don’t start the workout, just have it loaded and go back to…

  1. Training>Indoor Trainer>Set Resistance>Up>✓

I can now start the selected workout and use resistance mode to vary the trainer.

I should also mention you can change the target power when in ERG mode, or at least my Garmin has a screen to do it. If I recall correctly it’s in 5 W increments when I do it.

Goes against what the coaches say to do but it’s there.

Is it possible to restart my training plan starting with the ftp test again starting today?

Yes. You may need to unapply and reapply with the new starting date.

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You mentioned that the resistance on the trainer, I have an indoor spin bike set up with my garmin, power meter and sensors… is that compatible?

my garmin 1000 still shows the training plan, how do i delete it from my garmin device calendar ?

You’d have to go into the Garmin and delete workouts in there.

To delete workouts from your Garmin Edge device, follow these instructions:

  1. Select Menu > Training > Workouts > Delete.
  2. Select one or more workouts.
  3. Select Delete Workouts > OK.

Ok so did that. So I deleted the training plan from the calendar, now my new schedule is not being sync to my garmin 1000 calendar, is automatic sync only with premium training peaks members?

I would try to turn off auto sync and then turn back on, if you haven’t already. Or try reconnecting your device.