Urgent help B4 next section - Threshold and FTP settings

Good evening all
I completed my 20Min FTP test and I am a bit lost filling in the Excel page provided by FasCat.
I am sorry for this question I am learning now that I am a newbie cycling with numbers :frowning:
So I found where is my FTP set 185W, but also I see the 20 min Peak Performance on this specific ride is 191W. I am not sure which is the correct number to insert as an FTP on the file.
I see that the table is changing accordingly on the excel sheet, but again maybe I am completely wrong direction.
I made a mistake by entering some values now I do not know anymore what is the correct values for the Power.
If they incorrect I know I will train with the incorrect power levels

Many thanks to all for your help
Best Regards


So you need to take 5% of your max 20 minute effort. If your max 20 minute power was 191 watts your FTP should be set at 181 watts. We take 5% off your peak 20 minutes as FTP is power you should be able to sustain for a full 60 minutes.

I went ahead and put your FTP into the spreadsheet and this is what your outputs should be.

You can also go here to see how to set up your zones in TrainingPeaks:

Hi @Jake Many thaks for your reply
I mentioned before :frowning: sorry not everyone knows very hard for me to listen to podcast as i am deaf
I am sometimes able to ask my son to translate for me which he dose to his best ability
Many thanks for all your support

Best Regards


We are happy to help Lucsi! I am also happy your son is willing to help you out where we don’t have transcripts.

Note: Most of our training tips that are popular also have a youtube video attached. When you open those you can turn on the cc captioning to read everything.
For example, here is how to do that for the training tip that @Jake linked above :slight_smile:

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Much much appreciated

Thank you