Indoor training

I’ve been coming up on some longer rides and the weather out here isn’t ideal right now to get outside, we had a foot of snow dumped the other day and the roads are a mess. Anyway, I have 2-3 hour groups rides and up to 3 hour endurance rides. Completely a 3hr endurance ride inside is just going to be to much for me to sit there, that’s a longgg time to sit in one spot. I know the answer is ftfp, but wondering if I have other options or what others have done. I’m not training for anything specific, just improving my fitness so I will sit as long as I can bare.

There are a few other threads on this subject and the general consensus seems to be to improvise. Add a bit of tempo/sweetspot to increase the TSS per hour and therefore reduce the time on the trainer.

I recently had a group ride scheduled but the weather was grim with local flooding in parts, I rode on of the longer Zwift races, rode a category down and kept the power in my Sweetspot range. Doing it this way knocked about forty minutes off the duration and as I had to concentrate on sticking at the correct w/kg for the category meant it passed quite quickly.

Here is a thread from last year about long trainer rides

Long story short really just increase the effort to get more TSS. If its a zone 2 day or sweet spot day just do more tempo and sweet spot during your ride in a shorter period of time. Try to get within 70% of original TSS planned for the day. The further out from your goal the shorter you can make the trainer ride.

Thanks, Jake! This is what I was thinking and is encouraging as I was pretty bummed about spending that sort of time on the trainer.

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