Finished SS2 Advanced

Hello Ftfp’ers…Just finishes the SS2 plan. Some short insights.

Great and motivational plan that had enough variation not to get bored in training. It has some tougher days but because it is sweet spot work, it is certainly manageable.
About level? I am 43, starting CTL between 75-80 and it was certainly no problem to do the advanced level. I think if you have the time and already a good base. Advanced will be ok. But you should be able to do the longer rides in the weekend. I Have no problem for long indoor rides so zwift rides of 3-4hr had to be done. So if you struggling with that, maybe you should take the intermediate or complete the plan when the weather is better.
Overall. Nice training plan. Going to do some tests this week and then see which plan will be next.


Thanks for the great feedback @Stino77 !
Excited to hear that you liked the plan and FtFP’d like a champ… especially with those 3-4 hour zwift rides. They are not for the faint hearted, but they are for those riders that have their eyes on the prize :slight_smile:

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