Field test and ERG and Failed Field test

I had trouble with my field test. the Erg mode was on and set at a higher wattage than I could do.
Should i redo it with the ERG mode off? Do i need to do anything else in TP to to set power or heart rate for the training? I was sent the spreadsheet but it is blank. it looks like the work out for today is set. From reading the post on ERG it looks like i should have it off, is that right?

Yes you should not a field test on ERG mode. The idea of a field test is to test your power and you wouldn’t have to test if you knew what to put the power target at.

What should you put your FTP at? Hard to say. Did you have it set before? What did you put your target at on the trainer? How far did you make it? Now when you do it you will know you can not ride as hard as you just did. With people we coach we sometimes give them a 2 x 10 full gas workout to help determine a target to hold for their field test.

If you haven’t done one before or have really no idea what it is I would recommend just doing it today instead of the planned workout. Move todays plan workout to tomorrow. Then still have Friday as a rest day and continue with plan as is Saturday.

If you have been training and an idea of a previous FTP you have had just keep it as is. Some athletes just can tell what their FTP is and don’t need test.

The other thing you can do is look back at past data in the last 30 - 60 days. Look for you peak 20 minute power or 60 minutes normalize power and use that number.

This is how you move workouts in TrainingPeaks:

do you think i should start over? i am tiered from yesterday

You should not do a field test tired. Do you have any idea what your FTP is? Did you have set before? Because you need an accurate FTP to complete the intervals.

The best answer might be to start the plan next week. So just go to the plan under your TrainingPlans and unapply. Then hit apply for Monday. Then this week just do some riding. Maybe easy zone 2 ride today, tomorrow do 2 x 10 minute full gas efforts, with 5 minutes rest. Help you determine what you think you can hold for 20 minutes by taking the average of the two efforts including the rest. This should give you a good starting point for the 20 minute effort.

This weekend do a harder ride on Saturday and easier and shorter on Sunday so you are fresh come Tuesday when you redo your field test and start the first week of the plan .

Thank you! Thats what I will do.
Do I" remove The Plan"?
I don’t see an un apply button. But i can Remove it.

I figured it out. You have to Remove the plan. or change the Date to a new starting date and then remove the first one.

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