Field/FTP Test Question

Hello, I am starting the Intervals for Road Racing Basic Plan.

For my field test, it is telling me the zones/power to hit during the 20 min threshold, do I stay at that power or is a guideline?

Hey Tammy,
First, welcome to the FasCat Coalition - we are stoked to have you on board!
The zones are just a target and are set by default in trainingpeaks. Thus think of it as a guideline. If you can go harder than it is suggesting… then by all means go harder. You don’t want to not push hard and have your FTP set too low as that will mean you reap less adaptations from your training.

You can read our full training tip on how to perform your field test for lots of other helpful tips!


Thanks Lacey! I start tomorrow…here.we.go.

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You’re going to do great!! :muscle:t3:

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