Field test, avg heart rate vs TP threshold heart rate

Hi, I just started the SS18 program. Did my field test yesterday, and per the instructions see my avg heart rate for the 20 min is 154, but I recieved an email from training peaks saying my “threshold heart rate” had “changed” to 149. Which should I use in the Fascat spreadsheet? Thanks!

Hey Theodore!
The reason or that is because the number you input into TP for your threshold HR should be 95% of what you did for your 20 min test, so 149 bpm

In the spreadsheet you will use the range of 95-105% of your threshold HR for your range. So 142-157bpm.

Hope that helps!

Yes, super thanks! Makes sense but not exactly what the writeup said on the workout entry so I was a bit confused: “use your Normalize/Average 20 minute Power minus 5%. Enter that number [plus your Average HR] into the FasCat Zones”

Also, looking over the program I don’t see any field tests or instructions to consider increasing the original FTP for the entire four months. Is this the design of the program, that you base it on the original FTP the entire time despite the fact it is expected to be increasing gradually over the four month period?