16 weeks SS on HR monitor


I’m new to fascat training, I just so happened so stumble across the podcast last week while searching for something to fuel my bike obsession. I was just about to start training for a 105km MTB marathon at the end of march with some old school zone 2 training sessions my old trainer sent me but modified to suit my needs, but then got absolutely convinced that fascat was the way to go.

So I’ve signed up for the 16 weeks of sweet spot which brings me up to race day nearly on the T.

I am not lucky enough to posses a power meter and will be doin the training session with HR monitor, how do I go about calculating what percentage of threshold HR to use for each ride? Within training peaks I switch the metrics from % threshold power to %of threshold HR and thought that would be it, but then I stumbled across a session where the plan said to use 69-83% of threshold HR but the workout was built at 43-75%. This has me wondering if I have to go in and manually calculate (as not all workouts tell you which HR % to use) the HR zone I need to be in and modify each workout.

Thanks in advance if anyone can clarify this for me.


We are glad you’re on the FasCat 16 week plan - it’s a great plan!

Check out this Training Tip for Heart Rate based training (bottom)!

Let us know if you have any other questions!