FASCAT Foundations, Not Goodman Foundations

Hi!! I currently have LEAD legs from the hypertrophy phase of strength training! :weight_lifting_man: Love it!!

Can you please explain the methodology of the Fall Foundation phase of training in the off-season plan?

During your 5 pillars off-season podcast, I finally realized that it’s a block of cycling prior to weight training… but at first, I assumed you were referring to the Foundation Training by Dr Goodman. LOL. I couldn’t find a post/article specifically about it. Foundation training is simply aerobic conditioning (or de-conditioning) prior to the strength phase?

Though Dr. Goodman’s foundation is great the FasCat Foundation is on the bike work to prepare for the lifting phase. It includes light tempo/sweet spot work but introduces low cadence muscle tension work that will be the bread and butter for this strength phase. This is to prepare the body for the muscular force that will be required for the months to come!


Thank you. That makes sense… Easing into the MTIs before you start lifting will smooth the transition a bit.

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