Excel Sports Discount

Has anyone had any luck with this?

I’ve tried it several time for various things but all I ever seem to get is a 12 cent (yes, cent not PERCent) discount, and this has been on items ranging from $300 -1200.

Try emailing Drew but be advised those products may not be discounted bc the sale price is already at margin

I got a solid discount on the Wahoo Kickr Core.

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Awesome! I think about a 20% discount give or take?

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An athlete purchased a bike from them and it was 12% off. so in that case a pretty solid discount.

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Bear in mind there are going to be some products Excel is already selling at a discount so they can’t discount even further - then they’d be loosing money. That’s why we can simply say - you get 20% off.

In reality its 12 cents of up to 30-40% , just depends on the product.

I have now tried ordering 3 different items and got 0 discount on nutrition products, 0 on tires, and $11 off a frameset when everywhere else had it listed for $1000 off as it was an outgoing model.

The discount is based on what Excel paid for the item when they got them, not current going rates. The small stuff isn’t marked up much which could be why there’s no discount.


Pretty sure there are bigger margins on small stuff than big stuff. I did try to order a big item as well.

Not sure since I don’t work at a shop. My comment was just knowledge gained by talking to Drew as well as my LBS. LBS can buy smaller things like tires, bags, etc. cheaper from the big online retailers than their own wholesale prices, sadly. Not a good way to keep em alive but that’s unfortunately how the industry is.

I’ve bought a lot from Excel, some discounted and some not, but don’t think I’ve felt as if they’re holding back knowing what I wrote in these two comments.