Discounts with Excel Sports

Hi -

Is there still a discount with Excel or any other parts supplier?


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Hi Jim!

ExcelSports cancelled that deal on us with the global bike shortage in 2020.

Right now we have negotiated

Stages PowerMeters
Ventum (thru the Sweet Spot)

let us know if you would like anymore details on those (they are part of your current subscription)!

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I am looking for a single sided power meter for my1x SRAM Force Carbon crankset. How do I access the Stages discount.

How do I see what the discount for Ventum is/access it?

Hi Frank,
How do I get the Whoop discount?

Bumping this to the top as I have the same question: can’t seem to find the discount among nor code for ventum bikes. Thanks!

Within the app you just go your profile and select Partner Discounts from the list.