Coach's Buyer's Guide Podcast, Thursday 11am live!

Liver tomorrow on our youTube channel, link here:

We [@Jackson & I] are going to podcast about what products we like and recommend to help you get faster! We are breaking it down into 5 price categories:


And we are holding this podcast at Excel Sports in Boulder, CO who is going to graciously give away $250 towards anything they sell - but you must tune in LIVE.

Bring your podcast questions to the comments section of the live show tomorrow OR ask here before 10am tomorrow.

Garmin or Bolt, Bike Case, Recovery Boots, PowerMeters, Gravel Tires , Drink mix, base layers are ALL on our radar but if you have a questions about any performance product let us know !

Just what I need. A reminder of all the great things I don’t have and should have. :joy:

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LOL, did you get your #FtFP T-shirt ?!

Yeah! You should give your intern a raise! Great customer service!


I’ve always had a hard time drinking enough water from bottles while doing gravel races (ie Crusher) unless I really slow down or come to a stop. Would you recommend something like the camelbak chase vest or have other recommendations for drinking the amounts necessary during a 6 hour race.?

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I’m pretty new to disc bikes since I just bought one for road riding and racing. Y’all have a size and brand/model to recommend for rotors and pads?

Good ask @eliotbowytz - if you didn’t watch the live show, tune in because we spent 3-5 minutes on the Camelbak Chase :white_check_mark: