Everesting advice?

I am thinking about doing an “everesting” attempt in about 2 months and have a few questions:

  • Is there a everesting specific training plan offered by Fascat? I have not seen one.

  • If you were doing an everesting attempt, any suggestion on the Power Zone you’d try to do it in? My gut tell s me I would have to do it in a low endurance zone, but not sure.

  • Any nutrition advice for an Everesting attempt?

Thanks for any and all advice.

Much appreciated!!

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I’ve done one. Zone 2 all the way, maybe go into zone 3 for a minute or so if it’s a very hard section. If you’re touching threshold for any significant time you will not finish.

Not necessary to do very long rides. Short hill reps above threshold to build strength plus whatever you can do to improve threshold and enhance fatigue resistance.

Great. TY for the input.

Any nutrition advice?

Nutrition is the least of your worries. It’s an achievement, not a race. Lots of time to eat and drink. Eat lots, drink lots. No need for a plan. For me real food worked best. Anything sugary just jacked up my HR. Two dinners the day before and 2 bowls of oatmeal that morning. Eat salty stuff for some water retention beforehand. During, I recall some lentil and pea soup was the best thing I ate. I really felt that pickle juice saved me the last few hours. Drank the water from a jar of pickles, refilled with water and drank it again each hour.

Don’t mess around with bike fit, ride the bike you’re most comfortable with. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy the moment and the evolution of the day. No need to overplan. Just have some lights and plenty of food and water plus some backup wheels.

Biggest mistake I made was not changing my bibs. Bring spare chamois cream and change bibs at least once.

At the time (4 years ago) I was a decent cat 3, 164 lbs. 300-310 W FTP at sea level. Did a balls out 3 hr masters race at 250W average and knew I was ready. No rides were longer than 4 hours but lots of hard 4 min hill reps.


Awesome. Sounds like you nailed it. Good for you.

Again, TY for the advice.

I really lucked out. Hit a peak in form(nowhere near in the same shape now) and the day (in the humid and hot midwest) was overcast and calm. Biggest challenge was boredom. Post up if you’re going to do it. If you’re in Colorado I’ll join you for a lap or two.

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Glad you didn’t have to do it on a humid day. Humidity is my kryptonite.

I am in Park City, Utah. I will likely do it at the end of the summer. I will be starting at about 7,500 feet in elevation and go to about 8,500 ft (based on the climb that I think I’ll use).

Best wishes.

Right on, in addition to what @colmflannery has said, when Phil Gaimon did his I had him do a 3 hour ride up and down on the course to see what it felt like. From there we decided on how to pace it and at what wattages. His 300 watts is low tempo/ high zone 2.

For us mere mortals think in terms of zone 2 with an IF of .65-72-ish. Like @colmflannery said its an achievement not a race so stop often for liquids and to eat. Have a support crew - plan out your food >> real food.

For training simply build as big of a base as possible with our sweet spot plans.

Research your climb, etc… use https://everesting.io/

Be the tortoise not the hare as Amity Rockwell says for how she won the Dirty Kanza

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