Masters weight-loss durning training?

I am trying to do two things at once.
1.Loose a significant amount of weight. prob 30 lbs.
2. Do the sweet spot 1-3 training’s .
I am confused based on what i have heard whether it is not a good idea.
Also about what I should be eating. I am 54.
I ride about 70-110 mile a week but can’t seem to drop any weight.
Am going to start the 30 day challenge but wondering if it is a good idea.

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Welcome @redeemershands - you should be eating more vegetables and greens, and staying away from the ‘go slow’ food choices.

Stay consistent for at least 6 months and try to win in the kitchen everyday.

All outlined here along with all our other Winning In The Kitchen Content:

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Few things that worked for me were both unexpected, first I did the 10 week resistance plan and gained a few pounds, but felt so much stronger. I originally I thought I would just ride this weight off in spring/summer as I usually drop a few pounds when I increase mileage.

I then started the 18 week sweet spot plan and then the virus hit midway through the plan so everybody is stuck indoors … I don’t usually ever go past 2 hours on the trainer but this year is different , I went up to 3 hours on both long days and even 4 hours z2ing once. All I can say is I have lost 3x the weight I gained in the resistance plan and I can’t seem to eat enough to gain anything now. FYI I am riding 12 hours per week indoors approx 300km . And I can feel myself getting faster , it’s been 5 months and I am looking forward to seeing what my FTP is .

Thank you, that is very encouraging. Did you change what you are eating or how much since you upped your milage?

Well I am trying to eat a little more now , lots of rice and oatmeal it seems to fill me up , but adding 2-3 hours a week of cycling burns a days calories basically so 3 meals are burnt so it’s like I am eating six days a week and living 7… If that makes sense .

Yes it does. are you eating 5 to six times a day?

Yes most days and no junk food

You guys and gals all need to WIN at the Grocery Store so you can WIN in the Kitchen :slight_smile:

Thank you Frank. I am listening to all of the Winning in the Kitchen related videos and pod casts. Is there anything more specifically for “Master’s athlete” other than eating smaller meals and having the snack meals in between that we should do? I stared doing the 30 day challenge and discovered that broccoli and eggs are really good together. Very thankful for your Winning in the Kitchen pod cast.

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I’ve found Joe Friels book Fast after 50 a good read.

Apart from choosing healthy foods as per winning in the kitchen his main recommendation on diet is that you need more protein as you get older.

Is there a systematic way to go through the blog’s videos on nutrition.