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I have a question regarding nutrition. I am a 190lb male whom lives in the state of FL so obviously when I do my training it is 90 degrees plus and always train first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. On an empty stomach I will usually eat a banana and peanut butter sandwich chased with 1 scoop of GU Roctane before a 90 minute ride. I also consume 1 bottle of water per hour when riding after that. What if anything do you recommend be placed in these bottles? Do you feel this is sufficient and if so how much should I increase for a 3 and 4 hour ride? What should my daily intake of carbs be 1.5 per lb be? I currently ride 6-8 hours per week. What other supplements do you recommend I could take sodium tabs or whatever and what are your thought and feelings on Greens drink mix? Thanks

I would prefer to see you taking in both some carbohydrate and electrolytes during your typical rides; I’d go out with a bottle of roctane in place of plain water. On longer 3-4 hour rides you need significantly more carbohydrate, so I’d head out with 2 bottles of roctane plus some extra nutrition like extra roctane if you refill bottles, or a couple of gels.

Read Lacey’s on-bike nutrition article, it’ll help plan nutrition on rides of all different lengths: During Ride Nutrition & Hydration: What, When and How Much to Eat – FasCat Coaching

Off the bike you should be eating plenty of quality carbohydrate sources. Typical dietary guidelines for general population are to eat 45-65% of your calories from CHO; I think the higher end of this range (60-65%) is appropriate for recreational endurance athletes.

Living in Florida, you may need to consistently supplement with electrolytes throughout the day, especially after long rides. I’d get some zero-calorie electrolyte tabs that you can throw into a water bottle so that you can continue getting in electrolytes throughout the day without all the sugar that’s in something like roctane.


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