Fuelling Strategy’s

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I’m not sure if I’m just not looking in the right places but do FasCat produce fuelling strategy plans to buy for events?

I’m thinking specifically Traka 200 and Unbound. I know fuelling is very personal (like saddles!) but having never focused on a detailed fuelling strategy before for any event (other than eat X carbs per hour ballpark based on random articles I’ve read) I’m hoping for more detailed guidance or even better a plan to try to ensure by fuelling isn’t what let’s me down on the day.

I can obviously just go out and try different things but I’d rather a more efficient approach to this guided by those that know so I can train with that strategy in mind.

Thanks all

Great question @Nick - think in terms of eating every 30 minutes.

Before you go down the route of grams of carbs per hour - do one our our gravel simulation rides in your training plan and eat every 30 minutes + drink. Its a game changer!

Listen to our podcast here for more detail , report back how it works. If you eat / drink every 30 minutes strive for 80-100g/ carbs per hour


Knew I must’ve been looking in the wrong place, thank you @FRANK ! I’ll report back :+1:

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