Post Ride Nutrition Video 🔥

Hey FasCat Coalition!
My final video in my Nutrition Basics Series is now out and I am sharing it with you all first!

Here is the link to the training tip that contains the handout that you can download for reference.

Did you find this video helpful? Do you have any go to post ride snacks or meals that you want to share?
Or do you have any questions that I didn’t answer?

Let us know in the comments below!!


Awesome video! Question regarding the speedy recovery: I have a 2 rider 4x100k gravel relay coming up this fall. Essentially 4 hours on, 4 off, 4 on as the 1st and 3rd leg of the relay. Could this be a baseline to work from for my 4 off hours of nutrition?

The other challenge will be that my off hours will be between 1-5 AM. Is there osmosis nutrition? :joy:

I am doing something similar, but rather a 24 hour team mtb race… we will both be on the suffer bus :grimacing:
When you have such a small window to refuel, you will want to ensure the food that you do eat is very easy to digest (aka very little fiber and low in fat). I suggest 2 servings of recovery drink mix, fruit, pretzels, dried fruit, etc. and aiming for the 1 to 1.2g per kg for the first 2.5 hours after you finish your first leg and then opt for a bar (like stroopwafel) and some drink mix or juice for the 1.5 hours before you start again. That will help to prevent GI distress while still repleting your glycogen stores as much as possible!


Hi @Lacey_Rivette, I’ve really enjoyed this series. I was wondering if you had any guidelines for fat intake, to go along with the protein and carbohydrate intake guidance you’ve already provided?

Also, if someone is looking to achieve weight loss, in what macro nutrient areas should we make cuts in order to lose weight but not our performance? Thanks!