Endurance rides 300km and above

Hi before taking the dive. Did endurance ride in 2019 had to with draw on 875km. Took 9 months to fully recover. I am back on long rides and plan to do 200/300/400/600 audax rides this year and a 500km single stage race in October. Then going back to finish the munga that is a 1100 single stage race with 120 hour cut off. Goal is to fisish comfortably in the cut off. Don’t even know where to begin with a plan.

Well - you need to ride a LOT and our goal would be to build a hemi-powered aerobic engine.

May I suggest our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan at the advanced level :slight_smile:

You would also benefit from reading our simulation rides tip/video and adapting that to your event. While its gravel the physiology is the same for your long LONG endurance rides:

Thanks. The 200/300/400/600 are road and the 500 in 48 hours cut of is mtb and the 1100 in 120 hours cut off is also mtb

I’m currently attempting the RRtY challenge, which is a 200km ride every month for twelve consecutive months. Next year I also intended to go for the Super Randonnuer award (200,300,400,600 in one year). I’ve just had my 49th birthday and wondered which training plans would be ideal in this situation? Good luck to the OP in your attempt.

Hey @lancs.roadie - depending on what discipline you are riding I would suggest one of the following plans:

The gravel plan is great for longgg gravel or routes with mixed terrain. There is both a hilly and a flat version depending on what kind of terrain you will be riding on.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thankyou. I’ll take a look!