End of SS4 Check-in

Getting ready to come off the regeneration week in SS4. During weeks 1 - 3 I had my FTP set based on NP from a recent gravel ride (actually based on one hour NP). Based on some recent SS and threshold intervals, I sort of think my FTP was overestimated based on the one hour NP data (Sunday, June 14, at the end of SS3). I did the 2 x 10 min full gas efforts on Wednesday this week and couldn’t even come close to that FTP. The 2 x 3 min threshold efforts felt okay for three minutes today.

I have no idea what I should be shooting for in my test. I get that it is all out, but I tend to go too hard early on without a bar to hit. Any thoughts based on what you see any the recent SS or threshold efforts are appreciated. For whatever reason, I just don’t test very well (especially on the trainer)…and based on one of the FasCat podcasts it seemed like a better idea to gauge fitness by examining 20 min and 60 min NP on an actual ride.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Interested in this, similar feeling rolling into my FTP test I’ll be doing on Monday after SS4.

What is the advised rest period on the 2 x 10min to gauge FTP?

Hi Sam, the advised rest period is 5 minutes. You then use the average power from the who 25 minutes (10+5+10) as the target for the first 2 minutes of your FTP test and with from there.


Hi Stephen, your NP power from the gravel event is what your FTP should be set at, however there is such a thing as a NP buster that have very good anaerobic power that then would give you a 1 hour NP that you just can’t achieve at steady state. Obviously I don’t know what your top end power is or if you are well developed in that area but it certainly could be the reason. Just my thoughts, but as I always say Frank and the team will put you right.

Thanks, Neil. Good reminder about the anaerobic component’s contributions to FTP and how that can influence the interpretation of the data.

It was miserable here on Saturday morning when I tested (hot with like 99% humidity). While numbers don’t really matter in the big scheme of things, I was shooting for 221 W for 20 min…ended up with 220 W. So, I guess that’s okay. My previous testing max was 195 W (clearly, testing is my kryptonite). Although my FTP based on NP was 227 W (same bike, same power meter), based on this test it is closer to 204 - 210 W.

Question for coaches and others: Although we are only talking about a 8% difference between NP ride and 20 min test, that begins to make a noticeable difference in sweet spot and threshold efforts. Is there negative impact of going with the more “sustainable” (at least based on the test) FTP of 210 W? In the past, SS efforts at FTP of 205 W were too easy…but at 227 W, they were a challenge (after the first couple of sets) with my HR getting near 95-97% of max HR.

Appreciate any input anyone is willing to share.

Stephen, remember that Sweetspot zone is 84%-97% of your functional threshold power. That is a large play ground to play within. Even if you used the NP FTP of 227w your zone is 190w~220w which I believe 205w sits bang in the middle of.

I have a high anaerobic influence on my FTP test so I deduct 7.5% from my 20 min tests (I know this through years of trial and error), the other way I sometimes test is a 40 min test but deducts 2.5%, the 40 mins test (because of the length stops me going out to hard and if I do have any anaerobic influence left I push it out over the last 5 minutes but to be honest there isn’t usually anything left. I prefer this test but certainly have to be in the right mindset.

These are my ideas (thoughts) based on knowing me and my body. Frank and the team will be able to give their experienced insight better than me.


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Once again, great insight, Neil. Much appreciated. I went with the deduction of 7.5% - I just think it makes the most sense.