60 minute FTP test?

I’m in week 4 of the SS part 4, and have my power test coming up. A local group has organized some road time trials that are roughly an hour long. If I’m up for it, is there anything wrong with going for an hour of power instead of the typical 20 minute test?

I’m sure I sound crazy, but after a 325 TSS Sweet Spot ride I’m ready to lay down some watts! Judging from my 2x10 min intervals yesterday it’s going to be a rewarding power test and I’m up for a challenge.

There is nothing wrong with doing a 60 minute test as opposed to the 20 minute test! It will be the most accurate way. The reason we don’t have athletes do it is that mentally it is one of the biggest challenges you can do. Best way to do it is with a good ole fashion 40km time trial. So few of those now a days. We have a local one as well that I love to use myself as a test of power.

Remember pacing will be very important. First 20 minute is really the warm up and it may not feel hard if you are pacing correctly. But the last 20 minutes takes all you have. It will be very rewarding! Good luck!