Winter Time Intensity / Wahoo Kickr

I just got a Wahoo Kickr a couple of days ago and am experiencing a pretty big cold snap here. I am looking at the Winter Time Intensity plan to help with some of the long Saturday rides on the trainer. What I can’t seem to figure out is how to send the workouts to the Kickr? I am using a Leyzne Mega C, Is there a way to do this without a Wahoo/Garmin head unit? I downloaded Zwift, but haven’t set it up yet, I may do that for tomorrows ride. I am just wanting to check if I will be able to send those workouts to the Kickr without one of those head units, before buying the additional plan? Otherwise, I will just stick with Netflix/Pods, watch the power meter, and get in the intensity I can before burnout.

Thanks in advance,
Tim C

I believe the Lezyne connects to TrainingPeaks so it will pick up structured workouts on the day.
If so pair your Kickr to the head unit, just like any other sensor. Then schedule your workout in TrainingPeaks and access it from the workouts on the Lezyne. Ad long as it is a structured workout then the head unit will control the Kickr

Thanks Adam! I have been able to send my workouts to the Leyzne while I was using my fluid trainer and sensors. I will give this a read to control the Kickr, thanks again!