Bluetooth Power Dropouts on Zwift

Hi Folks,

I’ve got a Kickr 5, and I love it. However, I do get Bluetooth power dropouts on Zwift with annoying frequency. Anyone else experience this? Suggestions?


The Zwift Companion App was a good solution for me; I’m guessing the ticket here is off-loading the bluetooth stuff to a different device.

If you’ve ever paired multiple devices with bluetooth to your kickr, unpair or disable bluetooth on the devices not in use.

Consider an ANT+ usb adapter. I had a really good experience with one of these; it’s small tho so I lost it :sweat_smile:

You should have 2 channels on the KICKR 5. If you are using Z on the AppleTV, I have had periodic times of drop-outs. I am assuming its a Z issue.