Disappearing data in Training Peaks and Garmin connect after upload

Weird issue that just popped up. This past week I’ve performed two training rides on my Hammer H2 per the FasCat training plan. Once done I get notifications on my phone in Garmin connect and Training peaks. One I read that data in either app, the data disappears. When viewing my stats in TP under the “home screen”, I can see my metrics(fitness, fatigue, form) change, but “Calendar” tab my metrics havent changed. The web version of both, GC and TP show no data uploads. Is anyone encountering this issue?

Garmin 1030 (latest update)
Samsung Note 9 (latest update)
Hammer H2 (latest update)

Did you check that you don’t have a filter hiding the workout items in your web calendar view?

Thanks for the response. I have every box checked under “Show on Calendar”

I believe I figured out the mystery of my disappearing training sessions. My edge 1030 has the wrong date and time. Im trying to correct that by rebooting and playing with GPS types to force an update. If you know of a way to force the time correction, Id appreciate any suggestions.