Dirty Kanza - Training Plan

Thanks! The 6 week Gravel Plan prepared me well for my big day; it was the ramp up needed for my existing plan. I successfully completed the Dirty Kanza 200.


Congrats!! That is a huge accomplishment!

Outstanding, congrats! Care to share your TrainingPeaks data? You can find the share link from the file and post here (if you want)

I don’t use a power meter, but here are some additional facts. During training, I consistently completed SST Long (30m-30m-40m), 5m RBI on Zwift via a Wahoo kickr at 180 watts. I had an estimated FTP of 200 in January. I think it maybe increased to 215-220 by race day. I was stroking on the flats and small rollers. The hills eventually wore me down. I trained to about 4500ft including some 6-8% grades. My gut says, I just need to keep working on my power. Given this was my first ever organized event, and I had never ridden longer than 100m 1x last October, I’m super stoked. Last tidbit, l avg 8-12 hours per week of training, 3-5 rides, 140-170m. I maxed at 15h, 200+ miles 2x. I was shooting for 16-18h. Flats robbed me of a shorter time, but I’m a proud member of the breakfast club. 18:08 elapsed. See my 1,320 hrTSS bike workout. I did 201 mi in 15:53:16. #trainingpeaks


Frank and Team, - I also completed DK200 at weekend in 13:38 total time, and my training was done on all from Fascat Plans.

Old Man Winter
Sweet Spot 1,2,3
Gravel Grinder with a few small alterations, mainly advised on the podcast and in answer to Patrick’s questions…

The plans were perfect to getting us ready… It was. great day out, very hard but finished in fair shape. Thanks To all at FasCat, the plans, especially the sweet spot and intervals, prepared us superbly.


Huge effort and fantastic result @bretthedges! I saw the picture of you and Patrick at the start.

Keep us posted with your recovery, specifically how long it takes you to feel and pedal normal again, lol :wink:

Last thing - if you leave that review above on our Gravel Plan that is a HUGE testimonial to the plan’s strength and of course your diligence in @FtFP’ing.

I wish I had my power file to share from this year… but a rock smashed my rotor crank and blasted the batter cover off my power meter. it was a mega hard day… the course was harder and it was super hot. I finished in 11:46 (a half hour faster than last year) which was good enough for 20th overall and 3rd in 40-44 behind some super fast pro mtb dudes.

For training I basically sweet spotted my self to death all winter through february and then moved into threshold and VO2 work in April and May. I did the Gorge Gravel Grinder and BWR and training races as well.


Can see some riders files in the top 10 on Strava.

Colin’s who won but power stopped after 6 houres. Nothing like out riding your powermeter.

Here is Ted Kings. 280 normalized watts for 10 hours. :eyes:

You all did great to finish that. Riding 200 miles is hard let alone on gravel where there is little respite. Congrats :clap:


Best quote (& training technique) eva’!

Sorry about your powermeter - but congrats on 20th - that’s SO SO good especially with the competition being even stronger this year.

Awesome! As a noob, I salute all of you all for cranking out that type of power for that duration. This was my first organized event and it turned out to be everything I imagined and then some.

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That’s so exciting. I am #groad curious and would like to do the DK200 next year too! I’ll have to pick up that gravel plan.

Is it possible to do DK and still have a great cross season?

On a side note, I raced Colin weekly at the Driveway in Austin. Beast.

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From Dana - of GravelCyclist.com

Hi Frank,

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how helpful your podcasts and training plans have been for my husband Kerry Duggan and myself. As 2 masters riders (I am 52, he is 64) we were able to complete our 4th DK200 this year. I even got my picture in Velo News with an awesome subtitle (about going your own pace J) when I was in between groups trying to find one that was sustainable(Re-podcast on Pacing). https://www.velonews.com/2019/06/news/gallery-sunshine-and-suffering-at-the-2019-dirty-kanza_494467

We both have had better years (Kerry won age group in 2016), but as we age it is getting harder. Although our time was crummy this year, we still finished despite Kerry be sick.

I am grateful for the advice you have shared and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do.


Dana Zimmel



Hey Team!!

Patrick here. Thought I’d chime in on Brett’s post regarding DK200 training. As Brett mentioned, we were prepared and ready for the big ride! A few of my observations 20 days post DK

Started training in January with 18 weeks of Sweet Spot. Initial (indoors) field test of 260 w FTP.
Followed the F* Plan pretty closely, but had do make some minor adjustments d/t work schedules.
Did OMW just coming off being really sick, but got through that one ok.
Stayed with SS training until 2nd week of April, when we stared Gravel Grinder plan. 285w FTP retest.
Though a bit fatigued from time to time, was getting great performances in May in training.
Key Tip: DO THE GRAVEL simulation rides. They work in getting ready!
Used the Gel/Chews/Bar every 30 min formula throughout and it worked great on race day.

Followed the key podcast advice for the day: 1) maintain line of sight to protect from flats 2) use steel cages (no dropped bottles for me on the day! 3) stick with your nutrition and hydration plan no matter what. 4) Go out easy and slow up a bit more for the first 100. 5) Try not to make any decisions in the last 50 miles, b/c whatever that decision is, it will probably be a poor one. All worked perfect!!

Post ride observations: It’s been almost 3 weeks of nearly constant rest, and I’m finally feeling ready for training again. Did 4 hours today, 20 days post, and felt ok. I think it takes a bit longer for older guys to recover (I’m 52). I’m not sure this would have happened without the plans, information and encouragement from the FasCat system. Thanks to everybody on the team for the great help!!


@patrick1 - thanks for sharing ! Stoked you had a good race (knew you would) and I’m proud that our plans played a small small part. You did all the hard work. Loved that the podcast helped as well!

Gravel Cyclist.com published a hilarious blog on the DK with a whole paragraph about our plan(s) and #FtFP’ing :joy: I particularly LOL’d about the naps bits. A funny read: