Cyclocross Added Intervals

I purchased the 6 weeks until cyclocross training plan. If for example I am doing the “Zone 5 VO2 Max : 2 minuters” workout where you prescribe 30 minutes of Zone 2, then 5 sets of 2 minute VO2 max followed by 1 hour of Zone 2.
Would you recommend adding in another 5 sets of 2 minute VO2 max intervals after say a 5 minute rest (and cutting down on the Zone 2 time)? Or do you recommend sticking to the 1 hour of Zone 2?
Thank you.


Following the plan is the best option! No reason for extra intensity. Save that energy for the next days workout. You get a lot out of zone 2 and build / maintain a good aerobic engine which is important. Everything has a purpose. Harder is not always better.