Basic/Intermediate Plan

I purchased the intermediate CX summer sweet spot program. After looking at the program in Training Peaks the ride times during the week are longer than I can do - unfortunately I can only do 1 hour on a weekday.

Should I switch to the basic plan? Is the intensity and the number of riding days the same, with only a change in ride duration?

The basic plans are more or less for true beginners. So along with shorter training time there are less interval work. If you are only able to get an hour of training just cut back the zone 2 time. Focus on completing the intervals. Lots of athletes have this problem, some get up at early to squeeze in a bit more, use a commute to work and etc.

But if you would like to exchange I believe coach @Isaiah can help you out. But I would recommend sticking with intermediate and just cutting the zone 2 time so you get the same amount of intervals.


Thanks coach!
Sounds like a good plan.

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I’m confused- I purchased basic bc those are the hours I have- but it sounds like if you’ve been riding a while one should use the intermediate?

The intervals did seem low volume-wise, but I thought that was so riders wouldn’t be trashed/exhausted at work.

If those are the hours you have, those are the hours you HAVE and therefore the plan you should be on :slight_smile:

I have the basic 6 weeks till cyclocross plan I purchased for a prior season. Thinking back I could’ve handled a bit more.

How do I go about upgrading my plan to intermediate? I’d like to be able to download those workout files to my Garmin.



Happy to swap those out for you @pete.halbeisen , check your email and good luck with your cyclocross training and racing this season!

Received — thank you @FRANK!

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