Crank length change

Hi Team Fascat,

So i switched out my 172.5 cranks to 165 as discussed a while back, thanks coach Rob and Frank for your valued feedback, the change has been awesome, higher cadence much more economical and it’s helping when i climb, i can’t believe how much 7.5mm makes.

Scotty FTFP

Btw your training plans are great :+1::muscle:


Thanks for the update Scotty! I am sure a lot of athletes will find this helpful too :slight_smile:

I’d be curious what the primary drivers were in support of the change.


I had recently had a professional bike fit using Retul and my hip and knee rotation were out of the prescribed range. 167.5 was ideal 165 next, i have a 81cm inseam.
I’ve noticed the pros like Richie porte uses 170 and Quintana 172.5 and they are shorter than me. I’m 50 and they are professional if that makes any difference i don’t know.