Training on different crank lengths

My bike has a 175mm crank arm but my indoor training bike (a Peloton with Favero Assioma pedals) has a 170mm crank. Anything specific I should do to account for the difference between the two? I’ve been training this way for the last 2.5 years and my position on the Peloton bike is comfortable and causes no problems. My instinct is that any problems would be so obvious to me that I wouldn’t have to ask but wanted to get a second opinion nonetheless.

Long term I’ll get a better indoor training bike but short term this is more than I need for interval training indoors.

My n=1 experience:

I had used multiple crank lengths for a while when on different bikes (TT, MTB, road). It never seemed to much of a problem until I realized that I could never quite leave any of my saddle height/fore-aft alone on any of my bikes. I have since switched them all to 175 (except TT, shorter) and have found I can leave my saddles alone now! That’s just me, I’m a fiddler. If you tend to leave your fit alone, then you’re probably good.